837 Stannage Ave Addition and Renovation

This project renovates and adds new space to the existing 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.

Exterior modifications include reconfiguration of the existing deck, reduction of existing canopy, relocating garden entry gate and modest revisions to side yard planting.

First floor changes include the addition of roughly 8 sq. ft. for installation of a new bathroom, conversion of existing family room to a bedroom and construction of new closet.

The floor plan is reorganized by swapping the location of kitchen and living room. This swap places the kitchen at the center of the house and creates a closer relationship between the living room and the garden.

The second floor is expanded with the addition of a roughly 350 sq. ft. art studio. The studio has a dormer to bring north light to the work space and is equipped with a sink. The studio is accessed by a stair case from the re-located living area.