albany residence

albany, CA

Renovations and additions to this 1907 vintage bungalow occurred as a series of design moves. The first set of alterations converted an existing porch to a bedroom, added a new kitchen and family room, improved access to the basement, and installed a new bathroom. The second project reconfigured the previously untouched living and dining rooms and added additional bedrooms and bathrooms on a new second floor.

On the exterior, the second floor addition establishes a new identity while keeping in harmony and character with the surrounding neighborhood. The addition is placed toward the front of the house to minimize shadow in the neighbor's rear yard. The volume of the addition is minimized by the asymmetrical shape of the new roof which forms a graceful transition between adjacent one and two story buildings.

On the interior, the shape and height of the ceilings inform the character of each space.  A lower ceiling creates an intimate environment at the dining table, an intermediate height ceiling defines circulation, and a higher ceiling amplifies the openness of the living area. Where possible, the shape of the ceiling adopts the slope of the pitched roof. The presence of the roof within the space reminds us of the essential function of the house: to shelter and protect its inhabitants.