East Porch A.jpg

el cerrito 2

Design fall of 2010
Construction early 2011

Existing house: 1064 sq. ft.
Existing + addition: 1,624 sq. ft.

Existing Garage: 265 sq. ft.
Existng + Addition:363 sq. ft. 

The owners, a sculptor, a painter, and their 3 children, wished to expand the existing 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house and convert the garage for use as a sculpture studio.  The expansion adds 2 bedrooms,  bathroom, laundry center and breakfast room; the garage is enlarged  and has new windows, doors and a higher ceiling.

The owners preferred the addition be of modern expression with a simple roof form.  The proposed design responds with a shed roofed volume connected to the existing house by a small portion of new space covered by a gable roof.  

The new bedrooms have access to the rear yard via a new covered porch constructed of redwood and translucent polycarbonate sheathing.  A covered parking area, which also serves as an outdoor work space,  is added to the north side of the house.

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