Sketch-up Model


Floor Plan

Office Conversion

Design: 2008
Construction: 2008

This project converted an existing 350 sq. ft. garage to a work space.

The renovation incorporated a seismic upgrade,  insulated existing walls and raised the  roof to create a high ceiling.  The existing slab was cleaned, cracks filled and painted.  The existing garage doors were removed and replaced with new  wood and glass doors opening onto an existing patio.  New openings were cut in the north facing wall and a pair of glass doors and a window inserted, providing and expansive view and plenty of indirect daylight.

Storage space is maximized with the installation of built in cabinets and book cases.  Stain grade cabinets line the south wall and house tools - including a drill press and a set of rolling work carts. 

A pair of painted wood book cases flank the steel framed window purchased at a local salvage yard. Wood work counters line the walls and a custom made maple table occupies the center of the space.

View to garden

Storage and work counter